The Header Image…

…is a portion of this photo of what I’m pretty sure are the Rockies, that I took from the plane on my flight to Melbourne. We were heading west into the sunset and spent almost an hour and a half in the the golden hour, which gave us some incredible views.

Aerial view of the Rockies

It wasn’t a seamless trip — I was stopped at security going both directions, just barely caught the first connecting flight, and the transpacific legs were interminable — but it was a pretty amazing adventure all the same. That I was in a gorgeous city full of Second Empire architecture and byzantine laneways and alleys, with excellent weather and even better company, certainly didn’t hurt.

I learned the hard way that I manage best with nothing but a well-packed carry-on, that I should start taking pictures earlier, that I should do and explore everything I can (it’s overwhelming and intimidating, but so worth it) and that a good wander is the best way to learn a city. Now that I have a bit more experience under my belt, I can’t wait to try it again — in Melbourne and the world over.


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