Wrapped Headphones

After seeing this post on Apartment Therapy, I decided I was frustrated enough with my constantly-tangled Skullcandy earbuds to make this my next project.


After one false start when I realized that two of the three shades of blue I was using were nearly indistinguishable, I headed to the fabric shop down the block and picked up two skeins of black floss for a whole ninety-six cents. (Two was a good idea, since the first somehow got irreparably knotted and I had to cut it short.)


It’s just a long chain of half-hitch knots around the cable, which took about three days off-and-on to wrap. The spiral ended up looking a bit more friendship-bracelet than I’d prefer, so next time I’ll use a reef knot chain or alternating half-hitches — that way the lines of the knots will go up the sides of the cable instead of spiraling around.

It works as advertised, though! My headphones don’t tangle at all anymore, it adds a bit of color to boring cables, and it’s a nice if slightly complicated fix.



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