It’s Elementary

I (Lauren) live directly across the hall from Loren. Last semester I decided that I needed to commemorate the fact that our names differ only in the first vowel sound, and made these periodic table signs to mark our respective rooms.

its elementary

The backs are laser-cut out of 3mm plywood, and the letters are cut from 6mm plywood; all the pieces are glued on and painted with ordinary acrylic paint. (It’s a little hard to tell, but I did use metallic gold paint for the Au sign.) It was a quick little project, and the hardest part of the whole thing was picking a font.

Loren, not to be outdone, also made this regex sign to attach to the ceiling between our rooms:


Now we just have to figure out how to solve the issue of us both answering whenever anyone shouts “Lauren!” or “Loren!” down the hall.



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