Lauren's about photo.Hi! My name is Lauren Herring; I study mechanical engineering with a focus in biomimicry at MIT. I started this blog at the beginning of my freshman year as a way to keep track of the adventures I was sure I’d have — and since then, I’ve built a lot and explored a lot, and I’ve even managed to document some of it.

As an aspiring biomimetic engineer, I find much of my inspiration in the natural world. It’s far from my only source of ideas, though: I also love historic craft work (like stained glass, metal casting and smithing, and weaving), Gothic and Renaissance architecture, geometry, literature, and folklore, among many, many others.

I’m especially fascinated by how people solved problems before the invention of modern tools — how navigation worked when there were no GPSs or even reliable clocks, how stonemasons built soaring cathedrals and stately mosques before anyone knew the formula for hoop stress, how engineers created complex machines like looms and fountains without using any electricity.

Builds and art and assorted adventures — this is a piecewise journal of sorts, a scrapbook without the stamps and stickers, because the next few years are going to be wonderful and I don’t want to lose any of the bright, sharp memories to the depths of my brain.

Started 2 June 2012.